what it will look like if trump wins

  • National Abortion Ban (no exceptions)
  • More Guns; pro NRA; Guns for Teachers & Mentally Ill
  • Tax cuts for top 1% billionaires; Tax hikes for low & middle class
  • Ban Gay Marriage; Anti LGBTQ
  • 30+ more years of hard right Activist corruptSCOTUS
  • Politicize DOJ & Government; Arrest Political Opponents
  • Cut Social Security, Medicaid, Public School Funding
  • End Separation of Church & State; Impose Christian Conservatism
  • Mass Deportation Camps
  • Voter Suppression, Overturn Elections, Dictator (no more elections)
  • Ban CRT, “Woke” & Tolerance; Oppression, Hatred & Discrimination
  • Kill the Environment; Being left out of global green economy
  • End Civil Rights; Replace w “Civil Rights for Whites”
  • 4 More Years of Chaos & Rage Tweeting

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