What to Say to trump Supporters

I hate trump. But I do NOT hate trump supporters. Even if you supported trump initially, a LOT HAS CHANGED and we know a lot more about trump now than we used to. I know many trump voters. Some are friends and family. I USED TO VOTE REPUBLICAN before trump. Here’s what I say to potential trump voters – it’s OK to change your mind now because a lot has changed, and we now know more:

—trump’s changed. He’s gotten more divisive, crazier, more unpredictable. I don’t trust him in a crisis or with his finger on the button

—trump seems much older. If he can’t even stay awake in court when his own life depends on it then how can I trust him to be alert as president??!!

—trump’s a distraction. Whether or not you think the legal cases against him are politically motivated, they are a huge distraction and we don’t need that circus in the White House

—trump’s not FOR anything. He’s only AGAINST things (Biden, Woke, LGBT, Press, Democracy, etc). He has no real policies or plans.

— trump’s no Reagan conservative; He exploded the budget.

—trump antagonizes police and military.

— 83% of his trump tax cuts went to the top 1%.

— trump’s in the pocket of the NRA. Gun violence has gotten out of hand, and we need gun safe candidates now.

— Half of America hates him, and he seems to hate half of America. Whether or not you think he’s a criminal or a racist, it’s concerning that over half the country believes this to be so. More importantly trump seems to hate more than half of America. He wants to president only for the benefit of MAGA Christian Conservative old white men. Not for minorities, LGBTQ, or even women. He’s more divisive – he doesn’t even pretend to try to care about others.

— He’s a chaos agent and rage tweeter.

— He’s unstable and volatile. I don’t trust his finger on the button.

— I don’t like his radical extreme activist SCOTUS picks

— I’m afraid he’ll gut my social security and take away my healthcare.

—the only reason gas was cheap under trump was because EVERYONE WAS LOCKED UP AT HOME DUE TO A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. No one drove anywhere. It’s basic supply and demand. There was zero demand for gas so the price was low.

—speaking of the pandemic, his COVID DENIAL & anti vax statements killed millions of Americans. He’s anti science.


NEITHER CANDIDATE IS PERFECT. I admit that. But trump is so much farther away from the direction I want to go. He doesn’t even try to hide that his views are the opposite of what I want.

— I don’t want a nationwide abortion ban.

— I don’t want MORE guns

— I don’t want isolationism – history shows that never works.

— I don’t want to support dictators over democracies abroad (or at home)

— I don’t want more SCOTUS justices appointed by trump; his judges are way too far right extremists


trump is not FOR anything. He’s only AGAINST things.“Biden’s bad”. “Biden’s too old”. “Eggs cost too much”.

In contrast, Biden & Dems are FOR

—gun laws,

—the right to choose

—separation of church & state,

—free press,

—protecting social security,

—tax & economic policies from the middle out instead for billionaires first,

—supporting democracy abroad (and at home),

—voting rights,

—equal rights,

—gay marriage/ LGBTQ rights,

—infrastructure investments,

—and so much more.

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